The Future of Work is already here

Lynda Gratton’s excellent book The Shift- The Future of Work is Already Here paints a picture of how work will change. She is so right in saying that the change is happening already: we see how companies are in a turmoil and whole industries disappear. Many grownups face the fact that they need to start embracing new opportunities to create a future-proofed working life.


Grownups for Startups® was born because of our personal need and insight. We have realized that we need to open up our minds, build new skills and networks, and learn to create our own opportunities.


Because opportunities will be created in diverse networks and communities, by learning from each other. As Lynda Gratton says, “connectivity, collaboration and networks will be central”.

Crafting and testing new opportunities is acting like a start-up company – thinking global, exploring markets and customers, testing them, changing direction – or pivoting as they say in start-up language. The journey is as important as the destination. Start-ups collaborate and are built in teams. New careers can be best built in teams.

We invite you to join us to craft our future work together in Grownups for Startups®.


One thought on “The Future of Work is already here

  1. We need people like you and startups like yours!

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